Monday, May 30, 2011

It Used To Be More Fun

The most fun I had in the door hardware industry was when I was a neighborhood locksmith. I had found my niche in the market and established myself in my service area. It was like the theme song of the old TV show, "Cheers": everybody knew my name. Certainly a great way to become an integral part of a community is to provide an essential service. I was a help in time of trouble, an emergency responder and sometimes a confidante.

As a salesperson in hardware distribution, I deal with many more people in a day, but I rarely see any of them. There is still a sense of community, but it is much more sporadic and far flung. I still get to be a hero sometimes, but it is not the same.

Yet as I often say, life is change. To embrace life, one must embrace change. And so I have. And so I will.

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