Monday, May 30, 2011

It Used To Be More Fun

The most fun I had in the door hardware industry was when I was a neighborhood locksmith. I had found my niche in the market and established myself in my service area. It was like the theme song of the old TV show, "Cheers": everybody knew my name. Certainly a great way to become an integral part of a community is to provide an essential service. I was a help in time of trouble, an emergency responder and sometimes a confidante.

As a salesperson in hardware distribution, I deal with many more people in a day, but I rarely see any of them. There is still a sense of community, but it is much more sporadic and far flung. I still get to be a hero sometimes, but it is not the same.

Yet as I often say, life is change. To embrace life, one must embrace change. And so I have. And so I will.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Curiously Limited

Wondering at the vortex of events that led to a radically truncated ride yesterday, 31 miles instead of 100, I am told by someone that does not think she knows that it was meant to be and by another who thinks she knows that nothing is meant to be. Somewhere between probably lies the truth. It seems to me that sometimes there is a thing that needs to happen, and other things happen to make this very needed thing take place in the time line.

Personally I am comforted by the idea that the universe will unfold exactly as it should, so I will stick with that.